U.S. Patent  9,249,585

Please feel free to send us pictures of your door casings so we can help you determine which style you may need. You can send them via email to wayne@casingkickers.com or direct to my phone @ 615-496-2862.

Got gaps under your door casings after a recent flooring installation? Let us help

We now have styles for 2-1/4" and 3-1/4" door casings so please take a look at the "products" page and see if we can help dress up your casings.




Casing Kickers also serve a great purpose to the Handyman, Floor Installer, Painter, or Trim Carpenter. 

Casing Kickers were created to cover the gaps left under door casings after new flooring installations. An easy D.I.Y. installation process, low cost and great looking results make this a great solution to a common flooring problem.

Helping good looking floors look better.

This is after Casing Kickers were installed which is a very easy process that anyone can do.


This is the gap left behind after removing carpet and installing laminate flooring.